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thumb featurecreepDoing one thing and doing it right
An app developer's perspective on feature creep
published 13-08-2023

thumb benefitsThe 5 benefits of using an (open source) time tracker
Tracking time for freelancers and small business owners
published 15-02-2023
thumb privacyAn open source time tracker that does not invade your privacy
Upwork's time tracker is widely used is a privacy nightmare. TimeTagger is an open source alternative.
published 27-01-2023
thumb report20222022 report
TimeTagger report for 2022
published 01-01-2023
thumb localizationLocalization options
How to track time in your local time notations
published 20-12-2022
thumb selfhost2How to self-host your time tracker with Docker
Use TimeTagger to self-host your time tracker for free
published 21-06-2022
thumb freelancersEffective time tracking for freelancers
How a simple, clutter-free time tracker helps freelancers be more effective
published 03-05-2022
thumb spreadsheetHow to process time tracking data in Excel
Explaining how time tracked with TimeTagger can be processed in a spreadsheet
published 01-02-2022
thumb selfhostHow to host your own modified time tracker
Use the open source TimeTagger library to host your own version for free
published 01-02-2022
thumb report20212021 report
TimeTagger report for 2021
published 02-01-2022
thumb webapiHow to track time using the web API
TimeTagger is open source and has a public web API
published 23-05-2021
thumb pomodoroGet productive with Pomodoro
Using the Pomodoro technique while tracking time
published 22-04-2021
thumb timeturtleMoving from TimeTurtle to TimeTagger
TimeTagger is the next-gen time tracker for individuals
published 05-02-2021
thumb importingImporting time-tracking data into TimeTagger
How to load your previous time-tracking data into TimeTagger
published 03-02-2021
thumb tagsHow to use tags to track your time
Lightweight tags makes tracking time easier
published 02-02-2021
thumb gettingstartedGetting started with TimeTagger
Get into the flow of using a tag-based time tracker
published 01-02-2021