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by Almar Klein | published 01-01-2023 | last edited 01-01-2023

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2022 report

Another year has passed, let's make up the balance!

Taking it slow

Early in 2022 I spend quite some time improving TimeTagger. As the year progressed, both open source usage and sales did increase, but not by much, and I decided to take it easy and let things slowly take its course. On top of that, due to personal reasons it was harder to find the time to work on TimeTagger in the second half of the year.

In 2022 the number of Github stars has doubled (to 630). The website traffic has increased (very) slowly but steadily. We saw between 20 and 50 new registered users each month, and the number of paying users has more than tripled over the year.

New features

Many new features have been added in 2022, most of which were requested by you, the users! To name a few:

Also some features specifically for self-hosters:


The total revenue of 2022 was €1,777.

The costs are broken down as follows:

This brings the net profit to about €612, which means we're finally making money!

Contributions to open source

I've pledged to contribute at least 10% of profits to the open source projects that power it. I donated $100 to the Python Software Foundation on behalf of TimeTagger.

Apart from that, I also spend some time maintaining the open source stack that TimeTagger relies on, including asgineer, itemdb, and pscript.

Looking ahead

The plan is to continue on a slow pace, keep this cool tool running, have fun implementing improvements, and occasionally write content to get better CEO stats.